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About Us

Islamic Relief USA is a community of humanitarians–staff, volunteers, affiliates, supporters, partners, donors–who have been working together for a better world for over 25 years.

We work in nearly 40 countries to bring an end to poverty around the world. Our projects include: Water and Sanitation, Refugee Aid, Ophan Support, Food and Livelihood Development for farmers, Disaster Response, Women's Empowerment Programs,  Education, Homelessness Support, and many more.


But we need your help to continue. Please consider creating a campaign or creative fundraising effort to support one of our projects. 

  1. Decide how you will raise awareness.  Pick your dare. Run a 5K. Make it fun!
  2. Tell the story of what this cause means to you.
  3. Share your campaign with your friends on social media, email, or in person. Ask your friends to sponsor your campaign - and take on a campaign themselves! 
  4. Perform your dare - and make a difference in the life of people around the world! Be sure to take pics and post on your campaign page or send it to szaman@irusa.org!

"The best among you are those who bring greatest benefits to many others"

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him).