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Our individual team members have combined digital forces to create this awesome fundraising team. Together we will raise more money for Islamic Relief USA than we ever could alone!


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team-work [teem-wurk] noun

1. A cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team or in the interest of a common cause.





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Our Supporters

  • Laura Hassan September 2023 $30.00
  • Elliott Herzog July 2023 $6.00
  • Thad Legros July 2023 $8.00
  • Hala Abdelall May Allah accept him in highest level of paradise. July 2023 $103.00
  • Kacey McDermott June 2023 $10.00
  • Tzemin Sung I am privileged to have worked with you on the BeiGene project. To Ramsey’s family my condolences he was brilliant and I enjoyed debating with him and talk engineering possibilities. Gone too soon. July 2022 $1,000.00
  • Tanja Buch I’ve met Ramsey in 2016 due to collaboration with C Technology and our company in Switzerland (BCC). His motivation and patience for his work was so expiring. I enjoyed working with him every single day. He will be greatly missed. August 2022 $515.00
  • Patricia Chamard Ramsey - may your light shine always. August 2022 $515.00
  • Michael and Jennifer Padua With Love and Prayer, hoping this will contribute to Ramsey’s legacy. - Mikey and Jenn, Marley and Mikaela Padua July 2022 $515.00
  • David Krawzsenek July 2022 $515.00