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Your First Sip of Water . . . Everyday

It takes discipline to consistently meet the daily water intake goal . . . but what if you don't have enough water to do so in the first place?

I Need YOUR Help

Whether you are fasting or not, everyone knows what that first sip of water after a long, exhausting day feels like. (And if you are fasting, SubhanAllah at how that first glass itself, alongside a single date can feel so filling).

Or if you've ever bought yourself a water bottle, in hopes of keeping yourself accountable to meet the daily recommended 64 oz of water.


These are blessings that we often take lightly.

Where we don't have to ration or portion out our water, to have enough to drink, to cook, enough to bathe and clean. 

Because families spend hours in going to get water from long distances, carrying it by themselves to the best of their capacity...



This Ramadan, I'm working with Islamic Relief USA to raise awareness and money for the Water and Sanitation Project! No matter the amount, you'll be donating money that will go towards providing broken communities around the world access to clean water. 

Whether by making dua, sharing this page, or by donating, nothing is too little and remember! Your intentions are what matter! JazakhAllah Khair


$1,000 can help set the foundation for a solar-powered water generator in drought-prone regions

$250 can help build safe sanitation zones for women and girls

$30 can provide clean water access to families in need

Please donate now and help break the chains of poverty by opening up access to clean water and sanitation.

“The best charity is giving water to drink and He was the most generous in giving charity.”







of your goal reached

More About Islamic Relief USA

Islamic Relief USA currently provides aid in more than 40 countries, including the United States. See our Where We Work section for more details.

To implement work around the world, the Islamic Relief global family has field offices (sometimes, multiple offices in the same country) based on need and location. In addition to the field offices, independent Islamic Relief affiliates operate in 16 countries along with the United States. These offices plan widespread relief efforts, provide funding, and implement domestic projects. Learn more on our Affiliates and Alliances page.

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